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Wytham Limerick Videos

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Limerick #1 - Dave King

Limerick #2 - Saira Cazabon

Limerick #3 - Piero Stallo

Limerick #4 - Liz David-Barrett

Limerick #5 - Tamás David-Barrett

Limerick #6 - Stephanie Walker
There once was a young woodswoman from Wytham,
She had planned a big party in Brighton,
When then the government imposed a full lockdown
she went right off the rails in her ballgown
And had a party in Wytham,
Despite ‘em!

Limerick #7 - Amelia Stewart
There was a young fella from Wytham,
Loathed badgers and wanted to fight ‘em,
So he laid a trap in the Woods
With Mrs Probits’ jammy goods,
And only managed to delight ‘em!

Limerick #8 - Julia Speight
There is a quaint village I know,
It's just up the road from Godstow.
Though the woods are its pride,
Into the pub, slide,
Where the good wine and real ale doth flow.

Limerick #9 - Gordon
There was a young man that when could.
Go out walking in old Wytham Wood.
When happened Covoid 19
This became a mere dream
Now he is staying at home, as he should

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